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SLAYER OF THE NIGHT is, according to singer Gul Saft ("Yellow Lemonade") a song about being dead and listening to cool music.

Probably the first time AYN RAND and MC5 are referenced in the same song.

PRTLVX's Milton Von Krogh has previously mixed and appeared on proud Fysisk Format moments like Årabrot's The Gospel, Okkultokrati's Night Jerks and Haust's Bodies.

PRTLVX'S Fysisk Format debut is scheduled for release Winter 2016.


The norwegian masters of all things decadent, taboo and fun - Pirate Love - has morphed into the stylized beast, PRTLVX. 2016 will see the return of ROCK as a transcendent pathway to individual POWER and SATISFACTION on all levels through the release of the band’s third album and their first on new label Fysisk Format.

Pirate Love released their first record in 2007, a 7 inch vinyl featuring the song “Laughing Gas”, which received heavy rotation on rock radio and whose video got an instant MTV Europe “A” listing. Received the Alarm Award’s nomination for “Best Video of the Year 2007”.

The EP “Death Surf Negro Spirituals (Kong Tiki Records, 2007) was released later the same year, followed by the debut longplayer “ Black Vodoun Space Blues” (Kong Tiki Records, 2008). The band toured Norway and played most of Norway’s major festivals in 2008, and toured Europe in 2009, finishing with Toronto's NXNE and some New York City club dates. The band played SXSW in 2010 and combined that with a U.S east coast tour.

Their second album "Narco Lux High School" (Kong Tiki Records, 2011) was released in the fall of 2011 and was hailed as "one of the best albums of the Year" by both leading newspaper "Aftenposten" and music magazine "Natt og Dag".



Ridin' on my MT5
Listening to MC5
Twenty-niner gloves on my hands
I can feel my brain expand
Dropped out of school 'cause I'm way too cool
I'm gonna start workin' at 7-11 soon yeah

The freezing wind blows through the night
The freezing wind possess my mind
I am a ghost, and the moon is my host
My future's cloaked in bong smoke!
Dropped out of school 'cause I'm way too cool
I'm gonna start workin' at 7-11 soon yeah

Dirty socks
Voltage rock
High speed fun
On the run!

Slayer of the Night
Slayer of the Night
I'm trippin' on speed under unholy light

Twenty-niner gloves on my hands
Motherfuckin' Ayn Rad!
Dropped out of school 'cause I'm way too cool
I'm gonna start workin' at 7-11 soon yeah
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from Transcendental Sorcery, track released June 9, 2016



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